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December 2017

The year 2017 has been really busy; I haven’t blogged since January. I had been planning to change design for months and the winter break is the perfect opportunity to do so. Basically, it’s a simpler design which will make future updates easier.

Previous design

Here are 2 screenshots of what eatsomecode used to look like.


Old homepage

An article

Old article example

The issues

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Previous design issues


Nowadays, people use their mobile phone to read articles more than their laptop or desktop. The previous design (with the column on the right) wasn’t fit for mobiles. The website was responsive but to do so, I had more HTML & CSS than necessary (different menu for mobile). This is not a big deal but this time, I made sure to keep things really simple.

Secondary information

Having a tagline #1 was completely unnecessary. The contact link & copyright information #3 is fairly important but doesn’t need to be directly visible. People who want to contact me will be ready to scroll down to the footer. Now, having an actual footer allows me to put more links there without cluttering the website.

Size matters

The sidebar looks good as it is, but what would happen in future when I want to add something #2? For example, I might want to add a search bar and some extra links: projects, more ways to subscribe, sponsored links, etc. With a simpler design, this won’t be an issue.

The icons - a source of extra work

Playing with Affinity Designer is fun. As much as I enjoy the process, I’m not a designer - obviously - and preparing the article icons took me time (some were downloaded and just resized + coloured, some were custom made).

New design (as of December 2017)


New Homepage

An article

New Homepage

The morale of the story

As usual in IT / business / life: keep it simple.